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Use New Modern Design to Showcase Your Personality

In the past, there were trends that most of us tried to adhere to, but for today’s taste, the “New Modern” look is a variation o
Posted: August 01, 2017 by Josh Arnold

Eclectic is the word used most often in today’s New Modern interior design. There is a “secret” yearning for individuality that can no longer be silenced. In the past, there were trends that most of us tried to adhere to, but for today’s taste, the New Modern is a variation of past, present, and future. The 1970s design and colors, along with macrame’ and shag carpet is really a thing of the past and the mold of continuity has been broken. Today’s look allows you to showcase your personality. Furnishing stores, like Ashley Home Furnishings , offer several choices to unleash your inner designer.

Today’s Design Theme

Technology and social media has opened new doors into different lifestyles and interior design. A variety of television channels featuring redecorating has enlightened homeowners on the rules and trends of the past. Now we know how the rest of the world designs and decorates their homes. It is no longer taboo to mix plaids with stripes, and it isn’t necessary to carry a paint color from one room to the next. In the 1970s, earth tones were very popular along with oranges and harvest gold, and the theme was carried through the entire home. The New Modern look is where you can break out and do your thing. This is an opportunity to allow your inner self to emerge and create a lifestyle unique to you.

Break Out of the Design Box

The New Modern interior design may require some bravery on your part. Chances are that you were “taught” that everything had to match, from the paint on the walls to the furniture, carpet, and decorating. There were absolute “dos” and “don’ts.” For instance, it was considered in poor taste to have mis-matched furniture.

These days, anything goes. Get a little crazy and be bold. What are your favorite colors? You aren’t limited to just one; in fact, you can use them all however you want to. Finders Keepers is a great place in Redding for new and used furniture and other decor.

From the Outside In

Don’t limit your re-do to just the inside of your home. If you are fortunate to have a porch, express yourself there too. Splash your favorite colors around in the form of chairs and pillows. If you don’t have a porch, choose a color and paint your front door, or add some window shutters.

Be creative and remember, the New Modern design allows you to be you. Don’t let old rules get in the way of how you really feel. This is your time and your home. All that is required is a little bravery.

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